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 Rose invites you to join her at Model Negative, check it out now!

 Rose invites you to join her at this Yahoo group, which she is a member of. 18+.

lacunacoilLacuna Coil
 the New Italian Masters

mobiusbandwidth The Wonderful Art And Musical Stylings Of James Möbius

bloodymaryBloody Mary
 Great source for Goth make-up!

Models, photographers and designer links, etc...

agony Agony

americangothicprodAmerican Gothic Productions
 Goth event promoters

aprella Aprella

darkstormangel darkstormangel
an interesting photomanip artist.

drop-dead photography drop-dead photography 

Fog Fog Images Gallery  deviantart site

Fog Fog Images  geocities site

Gashley Gashley  official site
 Hot Goths! (Linked right to Rose's page there.)

JoAnime JoAnime, the model.

Imaginary Boy Imaginary Boy

messystench Messy Stench

modelmayhemModel Mayhem
 Rose's profile page on

 awesome band from California


buckit Rose Noir's new Photobucket

SDVS Rose Noir's first Fansite!

Archetype84 Rose Noir's Photographer

beka Rose Noir's other Photographer

Sarah MSarah M., Model

This was a link to the band Shroud of Bereavement, the site is down, but I'll leave this here in the event it comes back up.

vampirefreaks  Goth community

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