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logo © 2005 Rose Noir

Ms. Noir is an aspiring alternative model.
     .:.*Now available to professional photographers and artists for Gothic, fetish and a glamour modeling*.:.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Rose Noir at the address located on the contacts page.
     Ms. Noir has many pictures such as this in the galleries.

.:.*Looking for a new fresh face for alternative modeling?*.:.

If you can't view the pictures on this site due to bandwidth being exceeded visit this photobucket.

Update notes from the webmaster:

Hello, Rose's administrateur here, what's new? 5 new images on the fan art page, high quality illustrations, go check them out!

Rose is also very active on Myspace these days, and has made another site for herself, check them out, won't you? also there's this new fan group for her on myspace. and don't forget to check out the secret page. (lets see who's paying attention....) it's here if you know where to look... ;)

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Rose Noir would like to thank those responsible helping her create this site, her photographer,, her other photographer, and her webmaster. :)

Rose Noir would also like to help promote other models and photographers

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for my sweet Rose, love James...